Welcome to Leros Airport. Whether you are arriving in, or departing from Leros by flight, you may want to research the airport and its facilities beforehand. In this website, you will be able to find all required information for your convenient arrival and departure from the beautiful island of Leros.

Leros National Airport, with at IATA code of LRS, was first built in 1984. Its runway is shorter than the modern average, with a length of only 1015 meters. For that reason, only smaller aircraft types of ATR- 43 and DASH-8 are approaching. These aircrafts are 50-seaters, and are used by Aegean/Olympic Airlines for their direct connection from Athens to Leros.

The two main aircraft airlines operating in Leros airport are Aegean/Olympic Airlines, and SkyExpress. They are both offering direct connections from Athens, the capital city of Greece. The frequency of their flights to Leros is once per 1-2 days during the winter period. During the summer season (May to October) flights are operated on a daily basis. Tickets can be bought online through the websites of Aegean Airlines and SkyExpress. There is also a ticket office in the Airport, in case you don't have internet access, or you want to book it offline. You can learn more regarding the Arrivals and Departures of the airport of Leros in our Menu section.

The facilities and terminal of the airport are smaller than what you would expect, but enough to provide a seamless service during the busy summer months. The terminal is measured roughly at 180 square meters, enough space for the average passenger numbers that the airport is receiving. To find out more about the facilities and offered services in LRS airport, please go to our Facilities page.

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Telephone no.:+ 30 22470 22275
Fax: + 30 22470 28275
Telex: 292316 LGLE GR

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